17 b-schools to this year's event in Vancouver

At least 17 Canadian business schools will participate at this year's Canadian MBA Fair in Vancouver on October 2. It is chance for prospective students to collect information about some of the top business schools in Canada, and ask questions from representatives from their MBA programs.

Below is a list of participating MBA programs.


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Montréal, Canada 45 Followers 77 Discussions
Waterloo, Canada 17 Followers 11 Discussions
Victoria, Canada 9 Followers 11 Discussions
Saskatoon, Canada 5 Followers 5 Discussions
Ottawa, Canada 18 Followers 29 Discussions
Edmonton, Canada 38 Followers 49 Discussions
Victoria, Canada 2 Followers 8 Discussions
Burlington, Canada 15 Followers 33 Discussions
St. Catharines, Canada 18 Followers 20 Discussions
St. Albert, Canada 3 Followers 10 Discussions
Vancouver, Canada 19 Followers 35 Discussions
Vancouver, Canada 52 Followers 87 Discussions
London, Canada 33 Followers 72 Discussions
Toronto, Canada 63 Followers 103 Discussions
Toronto, Canada 64 Followers 103 Discussions
Kingston, Canada 32 Followers 65 Discussions
Toronto, Canada 42 Followers 63 Discussions

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