Hi everyone,

I am keen to apply to WHU MBA program. Yep, WHU may not be an ivy-league b-school at the moment, but I think it's worth looking at. I would like to, hopefully, get the views of a WHU MBA alumni who could help me answer some, if not all, of the following questions. Thanks so much for any help, advice rendered!

a. How did you find the quality of the faculty, classmate, school facilities?
b. How was the teaching style like i.e. did the professors use a lot of cases to illustrate the concepts? Or was it very theoretical?
c. How intense/hectic were your MBA classes?
d. How diverse was your class?
e. How helpful was the Career Service Center in assisting students with their job hunt ?
f. Was it difficult for non-Europeans to get a job ?
g. Did international consultancy firms (e.g Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey) recruit from your MBA class?
h. How strong is the branding of WHU within Germany and internationally, based on your own experience?
i. Was it easy for your classmates, especially the non-Europeans to get quality jobs upon graduation? Did they find jobs in other countries, or did they have to return to their home countries post-MBA?

Apologies for the long list - I hope I didnt turn anyone off. Anyway, please help. Thanks so much. You may pm me if you wish. I'll be very grateful to get some help here with my queries above.