Graduate School of Information and Media Management,
Seoul, Korea

About KSIM (KAIST Graduate School of Information and Media Management)
Under the conditions where higher understanding of IT convergence and its business opportunities are demanding, KSIM was founded in March 2006 in order to keep up with the circumstances. Prior to being launched as an individual graduate school, MIS/Telecom MBA program belonging to Techno Graduate School has been boasting its academic and entrepreneurial excellence for the last decade.
MIS/Telecom MBA has fostered 348 alumni who are active IT management leaders of Korea. Inheriting gorgeous heritage from MIS/Telecom MBA, KSIM embraces strong ambitions to train world-class business professionals.

Unique Features
- One-Year Full-Time Program: Highest efficiencies and effectiveness
- Broad Coverage of Courses: 1.5-credit-basis program lets students take various lectures with high intensities
- IT/New Media/Entertainment-specialized training
- Qualified Faculty: Strongly specialized in IT management ? According to , KSIM faculty was ranked in 13th in the field of IS research 2005
- Abundant Field Experience: 2008 KSIM students? average years in the field experience; 6 years and 7months.
- Global Education ? More than 80% of courses are offered in English and in summer will enhance universal sense of participants.

Dual Degree Program with USC Marshall School of Business
- MBA from KSIM, MS in Business Administration from USC
- THREE CONCENTRATIONS such as The Business of Creative Industries, The Business of Entertainment and Product Innovation & Brand Management.
- Courses Available offered by School of Cinematic Arts & Annenberg School for Communication
- WAIVERS: GMAT Score, Resume/Work Experience, Letter of Recommendation, Certificate of Intent to Register Payment

Scholarship for international students
Scholarship is available for candidates with excellent academic and entrepreneurial credentials. Candidates are required to have at least a bachelor?s degree, and more than three years of working experience is preferred.
Applicants have opportunities for
? Living Expense
? On-Campus Housing Scholarship
? Lab Space

Application Procedure and Schedule

Semester of Entrance Winter Semester(starting from January, 2009)
Application Period ~ by the end of September, 2008
Examination of applicant?s documents October, 2008
Notification of admission results Early November, 2008
(The schedule is subject to change.)

Contact Point

For more information on applying to KAIST, visit INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS.
For more information on Graduate School of Information & Media Management,
visit KSIM homepage (http://ksim.kaist.ac.kr/asp/default_e.asp) .

All inquiries regarding the program should be sent to: MBA Office We Chungin
Tel (+) 82-2-958-3661, Fax (+) 82-2-958-3350, E-mail: [email protected]