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An MBA can be expensive - that's a true fact of life for anybody who wants to pursue a degree in business management. However, many organizations offer MBA scholarships to help offset tuition fees and other expenses.

MBA scholarships usually come in two 'flavors;' internal scholarships, which are offered by business schools themselves, as well as external scholarships, which are offered by other organizations, such as the Fulbright Program or the Chevening awards. MBA scholarships are awarded based on a variety of factors. For instance, merit scholarships are awarded to students who have performed well, in past academic settings, in the workforce, or on entrance exams like the GMAT. Need-based MBA scholarships are generally awarded to students who demonstrate that they cannot pay for the degree without additional help. Still other MBA scholarships are awarded to students who come from under-represented backgrounds.

Below you can search for MBA scholarships offered by business schools and other organizations. You can search by keyword, filter by MBA specialization, or find scholarships available for schools in specific locations or are available for residents from specific places.

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