Greetings Everyone,

Background: 5.8 yrs exp in Manufacturing as process and production engineer.

Goal: Want to continue working in the MFG field. Progress to management field after decent experience in the UK.

I got an admission from MBA at Bath SOM. I had a look at the alumni database as Duncan suggested using LinkedIn. I am not able to find people who are into core operations.

I also applied to Msc Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems at Cranfield university. It is full time one yr program. The modules are good. I can also able to find people who are into core manufacturing working in the UK.

Job opportunities are more for MFG engineers. With the above two options which is better? With 6 yrs of exp a MSc is better option than MBA given my circumstance? Tier 2 Visa is better for MFG engineer in a good manufacturing company post my PSW ?

@Ducan @StuartHE and other members please give your review