Just saw that LBS released its 2015 MBA employment report:


A couple of observations:

Not much has changed from last year in terms of industry placements. 40 percent went into corporate roles, 33 into consulting, 27 into finance. 20 percent of the corporate placements went into tech companies - that looks to be a growing area for LBS. The school has grouped their internet/e-commerce/hi-tech/telecom placements into one "Technology" bucket.

Again, the biggest recruiters are:

- McKinsey
- Amazon
- Bain

Microsoft doubled its recruiting from LBS (they picked up 8 grads, versus 4 from last year).

2015 MBAs got a bit more salary than 2014 grads (76k GBP overall, versus around 71k GBP last year). Regionally, there was good salary growth for people placed in regions like Africa and the Middle East but slower growth for those placed in Europe/Latin America.