I'm 38. I have more than 16 years of experience in media, communications and PR. I live in Romania and, due to location, professional and family reasons, I can only attend an online or part-time (modular) MBA.

- international career (central, western Europe)
- mid-level role in a corporation (regional management with or without people to report to me)

According to my budget I should choose between:

1. Online programs:
- Manchester Metropolitan University (3 accreditations)
- University of London (QMUL???) (I think these are specific UK accreditation and I am not sure whether these help me when trying to get a job - CMI and CIMA)

2. Part-time MBA programs held in Romania through partner institutions
- Le CNAM (Conservatoire des Arts et Meties) MBA
- Sheffield University MBA

Please advise me. Which one wold make a real difference in my CV when aiming for such roles.

Thank you.