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MBA Programs in Supply Chain Management: Beyond Logistics
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Oregon State University Adds New MBA Concentrations

Dec 10, 2012 New tracks include "Executive Leadership" and Supply Chain Management

MIT and MIP Launch New Dual Degree Program

Aug 01, 2012 14-month long program focuses on supply chain management

Ross (Michigan) Offers New Master's Program in Supply Chain Management

Jun 26, 2007 One-year program begins in January 2008; application deadline is August 1

Clarkson to Offer Supply Chain Management MBA Online

Apr 14, 2009 New specialist program designed to run for two-years, part-time

Washington Olin to Launch Supply Chain Management Master's

May 25, 2009 New, one-year MS program also available to students enrolled in the MBA program

Rouen Launches Supply Chain Management MSc Program in October

Feb 08, 2012 New program includes required 4- to 6-month internship

University of Kansas Redesigns its Part-Time MBA Program

Nov 27, 2012 Program now offers optional certificates, internship possibilities

Canada's Brock University Announces Two New MBA Specializations

Feb 05, 2014 Concentrations in Business Analytics and Operations Management to launch this fall

University of Kansas Adds Certificate Options to its Part-Time MBA Program

Mar 11, 2014 9 certificates, from Business Analytics to Investments, available beginning this fall

ASU Carey to Launch New Master of Science in Management (MiM) Program

Feb 21, 2012 New nine-month program is aimed at students without a business background

ASU Carey Updates MBA Program With New Sustainability Focus

Jun 17, 2010 School also adds new concentrations to its online MBA program

US News Updates Online Business Program Ranking for 2014

Jan 09, 2014 IU Kelley, ASU Carey, and Florida Warrington lead this year's pack

The University of Vermont to Offer MBA Program in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Aug 16, 2013 New one-year program to launch in the fall of 2014

Penn State Smeal Launches MBA Concentration in Sustainability

Oct 17, 2013 Curriculum covers topics in energy, social enterprise, and sustainability

Rhode Island's Bryant University to Offer Three New MBA Specializations

Oct 01, 2012 New focus areas include supply chain, global finance, and international business

Michigan-Dearborn Launches Updated MBA Program

May 14, 2013 New program now requires less time; new concentrations available

York - Schulich to Offer MBA Specialization in Global Retail Management

Aug 11, 2014 New concentration to help students tap into $13 trillion global retail sector

ESMT to Offer Master's in Management Program

Jul 29, 2013 22-month MiM to launch September 2014

Boston University Now Offering MBA Concentration in Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Feb 03, 2015 New concentration offered to students in the school's full- and part-time MBA programs

Indiana Kelley Launches Hybrid MBA for Physicians

Mar 20, 2013 New program to cover six specialized health care themes; starts in September

UNC Charlotte to Launch MBA Concentration in Energy

Nov 19, 2012 Energy specialization to be open to both business and engineering students

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Broadens MBA Program Options

Jan 08, 2015 Students can now pursue the school's AACSB-accredited MBA program entirely online

Western Michigan Launches MBA Concentration in Aviation

May 20, 2014 New concentration to launch this fall

Pennsylvania's Lehigh University Announces New Master in Management Degree

Dec 08, 2014 Program is aimed at recent graduates; will take ten months to complete

CSU San Bernardino to Launch Redesigned MBA Program this Fall

Jul 31, 2014 MBA now features new curriculum and a project component

University of Wyoming Adds Two New MBA Options

Feb 18, 2015 New offerings include a dual degree MBA with Pforzheim and an online program in energy

USC - Marshall to Offer an MS in Marketing

Nov 20, 2014 Program to be offered in full- and part-time formats

Top Business Schools for a Career in Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management (SCM) practices have become essential to firms in many industries, particularly since globalization has widened the geographic distances between suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. A wide variety of jobs exist for those interested in supply chain issues, including supply chain/logistics/operations manager, analyst, or consultant.

European Business Schools Off the Beaten Path

While thinking of Europe might conjure images of Paris’ Eiffel Tower or Rome’s Coliseum, the continent has much more to offer than just its capital cities. Indeed, there are a number of accredited business schools offering full-time MBA programs in all corners of Europe, and many in places that you wouldn’t expect. Here’s a quick list.

Top 10 Business Schools in New York

The economy of the US’ third-largest state comprises more than just Wall Street: it’s also got thriving film, export, and agricultural industries. And it’s also home to some of the best business schools not just in the US, but in the world. Based on rankings and other metrics, here are a list of the top ten business schools in the Empire State.

Top 10 Accredited Business Schools in India

It used to be that Indian students who wanted MBAs had to go abroad — often to countries like the US and the UK — to find decent business education through accredited business schools. But in the past few years, a number of business schools in India have been garnering international attention, as well as accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS, or AACSB. Here’s a list of the best ones.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Nonprofit Management

A growing number of business students are looking for more than just a big salary; instead they are looking to create change by working in nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, and social enterprises. An MBA can help students apply core business principles (like strategy, finance, and marketing) to these organizations, so they can effectively drive social impact. Students can also choose to pair their MBA with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) or a Master of Public Policy (MPP) through dual-degree offerings.

Top 10 Ranked Business Schools in German-Speaking Europe

German-speaking Europe — Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, along with parts of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg — is home to a number of world-class business schools, as well as to international schools that have opened campuses there. Here are a list of 10 business schools in the region that are ranked by international publications.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Operations Management

As the world globalizes, the operations functions in many industries, like manufacturing and shipping, are becoming more important. An operations manager is charged with overseeing a business' operations by ensuring they're efficient and effective. Many job opportunities in this sector exist for MBAs interested in operations, including positions like systems analyst, logistics manager, and operations analyst.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Public Sector Management / Government

Governments and other public sector organizations function differently from commercial businesses, and as such, managers can require a more specialized understanding when running them. Students that are interested in government or public sector work can look into programs that offer specialized curriculum or internships in public agencies. For a more nuanced understanding of how these organizations work, students can pair their MBA with a Master of Public Administration or a Master of Public Policy, in a dual-degree program.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Private Equity

Private equity is a subset of finance and usually refers to private investors who invest into private companies. Closely related to private equity are venture capital and leveraged buyouts (LBOs), where investors fund new businesses or acquire stakes in existing companies, respectively. Not many schools offer concentrations in private equity, but usually, a school that's strong in finance will generally be strong in private equity.

Top 10 MBA Programs in England for £25,000 or Less

For many international students who want to do their MBA program in England, cost is a major factor in the decision. Especially for students on a budget, the tuition fees, along with living costs and other expenses can quickly add up to unreachable levels. Fortunately, there are a number of world-class business schools in the the country that offer internationally-accredited MBA programs for students on a budget. Here’s a quick list.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Retail and Consumer Goods

Retail and consumer goods are huge businesses. In 2013, retail sales in the US topped $4.53 trillion, driven by behemoths like Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco, as well as by e-commerce retailers such as Amazon. Unlike for other industry areas, MBA programs don't often offer specialized curriculum in these industries; instead, students can opt for relevant functional concentrations like operations management or marketing, and find networking opportunities through research centers and student clubs.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Finance or Financial Services

Strictly in terms of salaries, there are very few job paths that are more lucrative than a career in financial services. Jobs can be found in the financial services firms (such as J.P Morgan), as well as in credit unions and banks. Post-MBA positions in financial services can include everything from a risk management specialist to a financial analyst or even an asset manager. For a more analytic understanding of finance, some business schools also offer one- or two-year Master of Finance programs.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Accounting or Taxation

Analyzing financial information is key to any successful organization; that’s why accounting is a required core course on nearly every MBA program. An MBA is also valuable for experienced accountants or tax professionals pursuing broader or executive roles in areas like asset management, corporate finance, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. Because of the analytical focus, a school that's strong in finance is generally also strong in accounting and taxation.

US MBA Programs with the Highest Average GMAT Scores

Scoring high on the GMAT is not easy — according to GMAC, only about ten percent of all test-takers score above 700. However, a high score signals to business schools that a candidate is well-rounded, and can solve complex problems under pressure.

Of course, the GMAT score is not the only factor by which business schools judge applications; work experience is also important, as is undergraduate performance and extra-curricular activities.

Here’s a list of the US-based MBA programs which report the highest average GMAT scores for their cohorts.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Business Analytics and Big Data

With the rise of big data, businesses increasingly need managers who can quickly analyze and understand the implications of huge amounts of information. An MBA program with a specialization in business analytics is valuable because it allows students to understand how to collect, sort, and understand the implications of data. While careers in business analytics can range from analyst-level positions to business intelligence managers, the concepts can be applied broadly, especially in marketing and operations functions.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Sustainability / CSR / Social Entrepreneurship

An MBA can boost careers for managers working in sustainability roles, such as strategic functions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments of companies committed to improving their social/environmental footprint or stakeholder engagement. Specialized MBA curriculum in sustainability explores business ideas through different lenses: the “triple bottom line,” for example, gauges success based on not only a business' profit, but also how it effects the planet and humanity. MBA programs in social entrepreneurship help students create and manage businesses to create social change. Non-profits and social enterprises are often linked to sustainability objectives.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Consulting

A job in management consulting is one of the most popular – if not the most popular – career step for recent MBA grads. Sometimes people already working in consulting get an MBA as a way to advance their careers in that industry; others use the MBA as a gateway into the sector.

Top 10 Business Schools in the Four Asian Tigers

In the 1990s, the Four Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan,) came to international attention through the exponential growth of their economies. The growth led to the development of a handful of world-class business schools in the region; today, the best ones have received international recognition through accreditation and rankings. But for the following business schools, success is more than just leveraging the dynamic growth of their surroundings; the best ones have developed international breadth through partnerships with employers and other business schools in places from mainland China to the US.

Top 10 MBA Programs in the US for under $70,000

For many international applicants who want to do an MBA in the US, budget is one of the primary considerations. Indeed, since MBA programs in the US tend to be two years long (as opposed to programs in Europe, which are usually one year long,) the commitment, in terms of both time and money, quickly adds up.

However, there are still values to be found. The following is a list of US-based business schools offering accredited and ranked MBA programs for less than $70,000 (based on tuition fees for international students.)

Top Business Schools for a Career in Real Estate

Even post-housing bubble, the US real estate industry still pulls in over $100 billion in revenue each year, according to some estimates. Additionally, real estate markets in India, China, and other countries are still emerging. To tap into these opportunities, some MBA programs offer specialized curriculum and others house real estate research centers. Post-MBA jobs in the sector can range from a corporate real estate broker to a property investment executive.

Top 10 MBA Programs in Canada

Many international students find that Canada — with its strong and varied industries and reasonable post-education visa policies — is a great place to do their MBA, and some even work for a few years in the country after graduating. Among the several dozen or so business schools in the country, fewer than 30 are accredited by AACSB, AMBA, or EQUIS; the following is a list of the best ones.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Marketing

Marketing is an important part of many industries, and is becoming even more essential as the internet and international demand for goods and services drive increased competition. Many MBA programs offer specialized curriculum or concentrations in marketing – and some business schools house research centers that provide networking opportunities and publish relevant research.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Corporate Finance

Corporate finance generally refers to the activities that go on in a firm’s finance department, which can include everything from analyzing financial statements to managing capital funds. Many who aim to go into corporate finance jobs find that an MBA that’s heavy in quantitative and analytical curriculum can be a safe bet. Careers in corporate finance range from financial analyst to chief financial officer (CFO).

Top Business Schools for a Career in Luxury Brand Management

From Armani to Versace and Ralph Lauren, luxury brands accounted for over $200 billion in 2011 alone. And with surging demand from the emerging middle classes in countries like India and China, the industry is poised for more growth. An MBA in luxury brand management can lead to a variety of jobs in this sector, including roles like marketing managers, business development consultants, and brand managers.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Energy and Natural Resources

From coal and nuclear to solar and wind power, energy drives global commerce. Some MBA programs offer specializations in energy, which can help prepare students for industry's complex interplay between politics, finance, and the environment. Post-MBA careers in this lucrative field can range from a project manager at an oil plant to renewable energy consultant.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Strategy or Business Development

From meeting organizational objectives to carrying out individual projects, managers need to think strategically at all levels. Usually, MBA programs include strategy classes in their core curriculums, and some offer specializations in strategy or strategic management. MBA grads can find strategy jobs in specific industries, or can work as strategy or business development consultants.

Accredited MBA Programs in the Middle East

In terms of international accreditation, business schools in the Middle East have traditionally been underrepresented. However, in the past few years this has been shifting, and some business schools in the region have gained accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. Although there are a few international business schools, such as Cass, INSEAD, and Bradford — all of which offer MBA programs in the region — this is a list of accredited business schools whose main campuses are officially based in the Middle East.

Top Business Schools for Entrepreneurs

For future entrepreneurs or those who want to push new products or initiatives inside of companies, an MBA program can provide the basic fundamentals on how to do it. Some business schools also offer MBA programs that tailor curriculum specifically for new business formation as well as business plan competitions, so budding entrepreneurs can learn how to dial in their ideas and pursue venture capital and angel investment funding. Specialized centers can offer networking opportunities and even lab space where students can build their new startups.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Technology or Information Technology (IT)

Careers in technology can take many forms, from an information technology manager at a consulting firm to a director of data management. An MBA can help students interested in this field understand the managerial and strategic implications of technology in business. And increasingly, online businesses like Amazon and Google are hiring MBAs in management positions. Students who want a better understanding the technology itself can pursue hybrid degree options like an MS/MBA.

Top 10 MBA Programs in California

While many are drawn to the Golden State by the surf and the sun, California is the eighth-largest economy in the world, and home to a range of industries. And from San Diego to San Francisco, California is also home to dozens of business schools, many of them in the state’s two world-class public university systems. A handful of full-time MBA programs stand out from rest of the sun-soaked pack.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Tourism / Hospitality / Leisure

From hotels and casinos to cruise lines and resorts, the hospitality and tourism industries feature a number of highly profitable markets, which are poised to grow. Careers in these fields can take many forms, from managing an online travel booking company to marketing a theme park. MBA programs with a specific focus in hospitality or tourism address some of the emerging aspects of these industries, such as the growing international demand for tourism and e-commerce.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Industrial Management and Manufacturing

The manufacturing and industrial sectors are huge (and growing) parts of the global economy. To tap into these lucrative fields, MBA students can pursue related functional concentrations like operations management or supply chain management. Post-MBA careers in these sectors can include everything from an operational manager at a chemical plant to a logistics coordinator at an electronics manufacturer.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Healthcare / Pharma / Biotech

For students working or hoping to work in the health fields, an MBA can prepare them for various functional roles – like marketing, business development, or strategy – at companies in the healthcare services, life sciences, pharma, and biotech industries. Focusing on healthcare electives in business school can also help MBA grads land internships and jobs at nonprofit organizations, or as consultants, investment bankers, and venture capitalists focused on health care.

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