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Work Experience and the MBA: How Much is Really Necessary?
OK, an MBA application checklist: Good grades from university - check. Strong GMAT score – check. Three years of work experience – d'oh!Yes, the harsh reality is that most good business scho...
Can a Low GMAT Score Kill Your B-School Dreams?
For many MBA applicants, the GMAT can be an intense source of stress. Especially if you've been out of school for a few years, it's probably been a while since you applied geometric...
Will The Financial Crisis Kill the Good Corporate Citizen?
It's inevitable. In an economic downturn, companies look for the essentials and cut back on the rest. Often, this means fewer business trips and a dwindling selection of tea in the b...
How to Write MBA Application Essays
You've heard them all: “Why do you want to do an MBA?” Or, “explain your greatest weakness.” Application essay topics may seem somewhat banal, but they're actually extre...
Beyond the Greenwash: MBA Programs for Positive Impact
Laura Vogel never planned to get an MBA. “I thought it was a waste if time until I started working,” she says. “Then I realized it's not.” The MBA epiphany is fairly co...
Rankings: What They Can and Can’t Tell You About a Business School
Publishers know that people cannot resist Top 10 or Top 100 lists. People drawn to business school are especially prone to peek at them. Perhaps it’s all those spreadsheets and execu...
Finding the Time: Part-Time MBA Programs
In any economy, it can be difficult to quit a steady job to pursue an MBA full-time. Many professionals are looking at part-time programs, in which they can continue their employment...
FIND MBA Focus on Student Life: Switzerland
At first sight, Switzerland does not seem like the most exciting place to study. To most foreigners, Switzerland remains that small, mountainous country famous for its cheese, chocol...
A Place in the Sun: MBA Programs in California
When Californians talk nervously about the "next big one," they usually mean the next big earthquake. People headed to business school in "the Golden State," however, are more lik...
Executive Education or an MBA?
At a certain point in your career, you might find yourself trying to get a leg up in your current job, or develop new skills with which you can leverage in the workplace. Some people...
MBA Programs in Scandinavia: Northern Highlights
If you're a young professional, there's plenty to like about Scandinavia. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway are picturesque, innovative countries with dynamic economies and compan...
Video: The MBA Experience in Europe
Earlier this year, the FIND MBA team went to three business schools in Europe to get insight about the MBA experience, directly from real MBA candidates. We interviewed eig...
Cool MBA Electives Part II
This is the second installment in our series about the most interesting, unique, and timely business school electives you can take to supplement your core MBA curriculum. The
MBA Programs in Emerging Markets: Eastern Europe
Since the fall of Berlin Wall (twenty years ago this month), eastern Europe has represented a kind of frontier for entrepreneurs and multinational corporations. In the once Soviet-do...
Can a Low GPA Hurt Your MBA Admissions Chances?
Everybody’s got a story about their undergraduate years. Some talk about the late-night study sessions and the endless days spent in the library; others recall epic weekend ragers.&n...
Shelter from the Storm: Is an MBA a Refuge from the Crisis?
It's the big story this year in the world of business schools - global economy down, MBA applications up.If you're applying to b-school this year, you've probably already read...
Harnessing the Power of Data: MBA Programs in Business Analytics
From marketing managers seeking precise statistics about customers to financial analysts calculating investment decisions, data is a fundamental part of business. But as the amount o...
MBA Programs in Supply Chain Management: Beyond Logistics
Once upon a time, most organizations had a pretty rudimentary understanding of supply chain management. “Twenty years ago, these operations roles were 'we need somebody to r...
After the MBA: Alumni Careers in the Energy Sector
The energy-focused MBA is designed for those who want to develop analytical expertise within the wide gamut of resource and energy industries, from conventional oil and gas resour...
MBA Programs in France: Of Baguettes and Business School
If you've considered doing an MBA in Europe, you've probably thought about France. Among other reasons, it's the home of INSEAD, HEC Paris, and EMLYON - three business schools that c...
Islamic Finance Finding a Place in Western Business Schools
While many eyes remained locked on emerging markets like China and India, another industry in the east is developing at a remarkable pace – Islamic finance. This niche alterna...
Are Online MBA Programs Closing the Quality Gap?
For many years, the field of distance education had a bad rap: students had to plod through correspondence books, or watch poorly-made DVDs, often with very little support, to receive a diploma in...
Part-Time and Flexible MBA Programs in the New York Area
New York City and its surroundings are home to millions of people, many of whom are working professionals. Some of these people face a dilemma: getting an MBA is the necessary ingred...
A Dragon Unleashed: MBA Programs in South Korea
Call it an irony of business education. For decades, even though the South Korean economy grew dramatically and globally, its MBA programs didn’t. What observers called "the Miracle...
MBA Programs in Finance: Back with Some Twists
Call it a return to business as usual: despite the ravages of the global financial crisis on Wall Street, the financial industry has pretty much bounced back. And not surprisingly, f...
MBA Programs in Innovation: Who Wants To Be the Next Bill Gates?
So what do Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar, Larry Ellison, and Steve Jobs all have in common? Yes, they are all billionaires. And yes, they're among the most famous and successful technol...
More than Profit: Can an MBA Program Help Make a Difference?
Before deciding to do an MBA, Suzi Tart worked as a journalist in China for about five years. There, she was exposed to the positives that economic development had on the country, bu...
Is Doing an Online MBA Really Worth It?
Having just left his job at a US consulting company, Charles Reynolds faced a tough decision: either get an MBA or pursue business opportunities overseas. He decided to do bot...
Beyond Boxes and Arrows: Transitioning from IT to Marketing
Post-MBA Careers in Management Consulting
Originally from Colombia, X...
The Eye of the Tiger: A Look at EMBA Programs in East Asia
In the 1980s, the business world had its eye on Japan as Asia’s rising star. Next, the gaze shifted toward the "Four Tigers": Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. These day...
Back to School: The Work Experience Dilemma
Am I too old? A cynic might say that if you have to ask, you probably are. But that’s something you’re not likely to hear from most MBA admissions directors. True, most full-t...
MBA Consulting Projects: Kicking the Academic Tires
When many people think about MBA programs, they think of very academic settings: students sitting in classrooms, listening to lectures; maybe working on case studies. But many MBA pr...
On the Go: MBA Programs in Hospitality and Tourism
Ever been on vacation and thought, “I'd like to do this for a living?”While a career in hospitality and tourism isn't exactly a vacation (just ask any hotel or casino manager)...
MBA Programs in Singapore: Learning Business in Asia's Gateway
As the financial crisis wreaked havoc across the globe, the appeal of pursuing an MBA in a country with a promising economic future led many students to look East. Singapore s...
How to Pick a Business School: Narrowing it Down
As the saying goes, the hardest thing about running a mile is putting on your shoes. Okay, so that might not be always be true. But the point is that first steps can be d...
Finance MBA Programs Seek to Retain Appeal Despite Downturn
"Fascinating" probably isn't the first word most finance-focused MBA students would use to describe the current economic downturn. Browsing around MBA student blogs these days, you'r...
Part-Time MBA Programs in Southern California: The Beach and B-School
Beyond the rosy imagery of sandy beaches, endless sunshine, and Hollywood glamor, southern California is also home to some good part-time and flexible MBA programs. These programs ar...
Indulge Yourself: MBA Programs in Luxury Management
For many people, the word “luxury” conjures up ideas of lavish hotels, yachts, and fast cars, just out of reach. Yet for others, luxury means business opportunities. More an...
MBA Programs in Scotland: Business in the North
Traci Tufte, originally from Minnesota, decided to do her MBA in Scotland after falling in love with the country on a study-abroad trip during her earlier studies.“I had the opportunity to s...
Tracking Down the Funds: How to Pay for Your MBA
Let's face it: an MBA is expensive - substantially more than most master's programs. And when you start adding up living expenses, books and transportation costs, the total price tag...
Going Off on Your Own (or Not): MBA Electives in Entrepreneurship
From Richard Branson to Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs might be considered the defining business leaders of this generation. The attraction is clear: especially for many people who may wo...
Europe or America? Where to Do an MBA
When it comes to world-class MBA programs, the United States still leads the pack. After all, they did invent them about a hundred years ago. According to the Financial Times
MBA Programs in Marketing
You don't have to be a marketing whiz to notice that marketing is changing. Just spend five minutes on Facebook or YouTube, and you'll probably get the idea - brands communicate with...
A Global Destination: MBA Programs in Dubai
Dubai, with its central shipping hub and growing construction industry, is a magnet for globally minded professionals from the region and abroad who want to cash in on new business o...
One-Year or Two-Year MBA Program?
A two-year MBA can be a daunting prospect: two years of lost earnings, five-digit tuition fees, and the specter of being lumbered with loans for the foreseeable future. Older...
After the MBA: Alumni Careers in Entrepreneurship
As the amount of freelancers and self-employed individuals continues to rise, so does the popularity of entrepreneurial MBA programs that attract leaders seeking alternatives to work...
From the Boardroom to the Dinner Table: MBAs and the Family Business
When Ben Grossman received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2006, he faced a tough decision: he could either take a lucrative full-time job at Goldman-Sachs or go work for his family's busi...
MBA Specializations: Landing the Job You Want
Editors' Note: FIND MBA is pleased to launch our shortlists of top business schools by industry focus or functional area. These editorial lists consider employment data, concentr...
Prescription for Success? MBA Programs in Healthcare
Quick, what costs Americans over $2 trillion a year and is growing faster than either inflation or wages? Give up? Check out a newspaper – it’s usually mentioned somewhere on...
MBA Programs in Emerging Markets: Mexico
Mexico, with strong economic growth and a handful of quality business schools, is becoming an alluring option for international MBA students interested in regional opportunities....
Back into the Swing: Summertime Preparation for Your MBA
You got the call, and you’re in. You’ve been accepted to the MBA program of your dreams. So, what do you do now? How should you prepare to go back to school? That’s easy, acco...
The Future, With Thanks to David Beckham
Like it or not, sport is now a globalized business, crossing cultures and national borders in its search for new audiences, new formats, and, of course, new money. It’s not just foot...
MBA Programs in Emerging Markets: China and Hong Kong
For Thomas Pan, going for an MBA at Beijing’s Tsinghua University wasn’t a hard decision. A native of Hong Kong with a undergraduate degree from the United States, Pan realized “firs...
Iberian Dreams: MBA Programs in Spain
Of all the countries in Europe, Spain was perhaps hit the hardest by the financial crisis. With stubbornly-high unemployment rates and sluggish growth, the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy has st...
MBA Programs in Pharmaceuticals: Beyond the Lab
By all accounts, the pharmaceutical industry is huge, and growing. Recent reports put the worldwide revenue from prescription drug sales as high as almost $1 trillion. And with devel...
Part-Time MBA Programs in Hong Kong: Refreshing Careers in Asia
One of the world's top financial centers, Hong Kong is growth-oriented and often frenetic. For working professionals in the city, this combination can make it hard for locals to take...
Making a Way on Your Own: MBA Programs with an Entrepreneurship Focus
Many people think of entrepreneurship as just a brilliant idea, enough time, and a garage full of tools to make it all come together. The reality, however, is that most small...
Should I Take the GMAT or GRE?
The biggest hurdle for many MBA hopefuls is the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Getting a good score on this famously tough standardized test has been the bane of b-school...
UK Student Visas – How Will the New Regulations Affect MBAs?
Home to many of the world’s top-ranked schools, and an attractive place to launch careers in a whole range of industries, the UK has long been a popular destination for international MBA students....
Traditional MBA or Executive MBA Program?
An Executive MBA has an impressive ring to it, and for individuals with experience in upper and mid-level management who want to boost their careers through an academic program, it could be just th...
Should I Do a Specialized MBA?
Embarking on an MBA is an opportunity to explore a whole range of business areas and skills, dipping a toe into new fields of expertise, and rounding-out your skill set. For others, the deci...
The Business of Tech: MBA Programs in Information Technology
Cloud computing. E-commerce. Mobile apps. IT is big business, and it looks like it will stay that way for some time to come.IT-related industries like social media, game devel...
Beyond London: MBA Programs in England
When prospective MBA students think of England, many will think immediately of London. And rightly so: it's one of the finance capitals of the world, as well as a hub of internationa...
MBA Programs in Emerging Markets: Brazil
Looking at recent global economic news, it seems that Brazil has been getting more than its fair share of attention – perhaps justifiably so, seeing as how this South American countr...
MBA Programs in Canada: Maple Trees, Bacon, and Business Schools?
Value, reputation, and opportunity– three reasons why Canadian business schools are becoming harder-to-ignore destinations for MBA seekers from around the world. Even a decade ago, a...
Master in Management Programs Versus MBAs
If you're researching MBA programs, you might have come across other master's degrees in business. An increasing number of business schools are offering Master of Science in Manageme...
A Change of Place: MBA Programs for the Internationally Mobile
Thuli Skosana had a few goals when she started her MBA at Copenhagen Business School in 2008. Having worked in media companies in Johannesburg, she wanted to build a theoretical fram...
Cool MBA Electives: Beyond the Core Curriculum
Go through any business school course schedule, and you'll probably see a lot of very standard courses on the list: finance, accounting, leadership. While these classes are a sign...
What’s Next for India’s Business Schools?
For upwardly-mobile Indians, a US MBA program used to be seen as the golden ticket. In 2007, 67 percent of Indians who took the GMAT sent their scores to US business schools. Since then, this perce...
Arizona - Eller to Move Evening and Executive MBA Programs to Phoenix

Mar 20, 2014 New location will host about 170 students per year

Italy's MIB School of Management to Host an MBA Open Day This Week

May 12, 2014 Interested candidates can learn more about the school's programs

FIND MBA Launches MBA News Feature Today

May 31, 2007 Regular updates about MBA programs, scholarships, conferences and more

University of San Diego MBA and IMBA Information Session on June 4

May 31, 2007 Learn more about three MBA programs on offer at USD

Three Upcoming MBA Info Sessions at WU Executive Academy in Vienna

May 15, 2008 Prospective students invited to learn more about three MBA programs

Upcoming MBA Info Sessions in New York City

Nov 06, 2013 Learn about MBA programs in NYC and beyond at an upcoming event

Stanford to Offer MBA Fellowships for Citizens of African Countries

May 13, 2013 Up to eight fellowships of about $140,000 to be awarded annually

FIND MBA Now on Twitter

Jul 07, 2010 Another resource for news and updates about FIND MBA and the global MBA scene

ESCP-EAP Changes Its Name to ESCP Europe

May 22, 2009 The five-campus, pan-European business school rebrands itself

Thunderbird School of Management to Host Info Day For Prospective Students

Jun 02, 2007 All-day event will take place on campus on Friday, June 29

Bard College to Launch Sustainability MBA in 2012

Jan 02, 2012 Part-time program to be taught on weekends over two years, primarily in NYC

Upcoming Information Event in San Francisco for Minority Prospective MBA Students

Jul 09, 2007 Management Leadership for Tomorrow event on July 19

Upcoming "Inside the MBA" Event for Prospective MBA Students in NYC

Jul 25, 2007 Thirteen U.S. B-schools to participate in event on July 30

ESADE To Visit Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina in Late August

Aug 01, 2007 Spanish b-school will also tour Europe, North America, and Asia this Fall

AMBA to Host Autumn Accredited MBA Fair in London on October 24

Oct 05, 2007 22 accredited business schools to exhibit to prospective students

MBA Scholarships for Japanese Students Headed to Hong Kong

Mar 11, 2008 5-10 tuition scholarships for CUHK, HKUST, and University of Hong Kong

Brunel University Begins Healthcare Management MBA This Month

Sep 01, 2008 One-year, full-time program offered in West London accredited by AMBA

MIT Sloan Partners with Skolkovo Moscow School of Management

Feb 13, 2009 New collaboration will include a joint "Doing Business in Russia" program

SDA Bocconi to Hold Global EMBA Info Events in California in July

Jun 23, 2011 Two events in San Francisco and Los Angeles

Upcoming MBA Events in Germany and Switzerland in October 2009

Aug 25, 2009 Representatives from around 40 business schools to attend

MBA Day Info Event in Frankfurt on September 27

Jul 26, 2008 Meet reps from 20 business schools from Europe and UK

Fulbright MBA Fair for US B-Schools in Tel Aviv on September 11-12

Aug 27, 2008 Representatives from 17 elite US business schools

Howard University to Start New Online Executive MBA in January

Jun 20, 2011 Part-time program can be completed in around 18 months

Entrepreneur Names Top-25 Graduate Programs for Entrepreneurship

Sep 24, 2009 Babson, USC Marshall, and Drexel top the list of US programs

New Energy Management MBA Program at Aberdeen Business School

Jul 21, 2007 New program designed for oil and gas executives and managers

Western Ontario (Ivey) Launches New EMBA Program in Hong Kong

Sep 05, 2007 Program also hosting an info event for prospective students on October 10

"Inside the MBA" Tours US Cities From November Through January

Nov 13, 2007 Eleven events across the country for prospective MBA students

Calgary Haskayne Launches Energy EMBA and "Early Morning" MBA

Jul 13, 2010 Both new programs will begin in 2011

Northern Illinois University Launches Partnership With French University

Jun 25, 2010 New 12-month program allows students to study in Chicago and Bordeaux

Oxford (Said) to Host Info Event in NYC on September 26

Sep 10, 2007 Meet Said representatives, faculty, and local alumni

Top Schools To Participate at Canadian MBA Fair on October 2

Sep 22, 2007 17 b-schools to this year's event in Vancouver

Oxford (Saïd) to Host Postgraduate Recruitment Fair on January 11

Dec 29, 2007 Over 300 MBAs and Master's students expected to attend

Aspen Institute Publishes "Guide to Socially Responsible MBAs"

Jul 01, 2008 Guidebook introduces 130 programs with social & environmental focus

Tenth Annual MBA2U Workshop in Brussels on September 27

Aug 13, 2008 Over 20 top business schools from around the world to attend

Hult Announces Part-Time MBA Program in Dubai

Jan 14, 2009 New two-year program begins September 2009

ESMT Gets Accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA)

Jan 21, 2009 Berlin-based private business school gets first major international accreditation

SUNY Binghamton Offers New Executive MBA in NYC

Jul 07, 2011 New, 18-month program begins in September; taught on Saturdays

Financial Times Publishes 2009 Masters in Management Rankings

Oct 05, 2009 CEMS, HEC Paris, and ESCP take top-3 spots

NYC's Fordham University Begins Dual EMBA Program with Istanbul's Kadir Has

Nov 30, 2009 New program involves coursework in NYC, Istanbul, and Beijing

Monterey Institute Launches MBA Project in Impact Investing

Oct 07, 2014 Students will participate on an investment committee that supports the adoption of clean cookstoves

NYU Stern to Hold MBA Information Sessions and Tours All Summer

Jun 06, 2007 Informal, one-hour campus tours every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm

Swiss Business School (SBS) Information Session in Zurich on July 11

Jun 30, 2007 The next information sessions at SBS will be on August 8 and September 12.

INSEAD and Tsinghua University Begin Asia-Focused Dual-Degree EMBA

Jul 04, 2007 Part-time course conducted in Singapore, Beijing and Fontainebleu

Two Upcoming EMBA Info Sessions at Columbia Business School

Jul 12, 2007 Meet staff, students and alumni on July 24 and August 18

University of Toronto (Rotman) Introduces "Morning MBA" Program This Year

Jul 16, 2007 Three-year course designed to suit working professionals

Upcoming Open House Events for Chicago GSB Evening and Weekend MBA

Aug 29, 2007 October 19 application deadline for Winter 2008 Evening MBA

Pepperdine University to Host Two Upcoming "MBA First Day" Events

Sep 14, 2007 Three-hour sessions in the Los Angeles area in September and October

Open Day at IESE Business School in Barcelona on December 3

Nov 28, 2007 All-day event includes sample class and meetings with current students

Hult to Launch Accredited, Full-Time MBA Program in Dubai

Feb 14, 2008 Hult's third International MBA campus opens this year

Princeton Review Publishes 2008 Business School Rankings

Apr 04, 2008 Eleven categories, including 'toughest to get into' and 'best professors'

Indiana (Kelley) To Offer Executive Certificate in Business of Life Sciences

May 05, 2008 Online course part of school's new Center for the Business of Life Sciences

Upcoming MBA & EMBA Info Sessions in London

Jul 09, 2008 Six upcoming events in July and August 2008

Amsterdam MBA Fair Set for September 28

Aug 19, 2008 A dozen top-ranking business schools from the US, UK, and Europe to attend

MIT Sloan Establishes Masters in Management with Four Other Schools

Oct 28, 2008 One-year Masters in Management program to begin next year

Indiana and Sungkyunkwan Launch JD/MBA Program

Jun 08, 2009 Four-year, joint-degree program splits time between Seoul and Bloomington

Long Island University to Offer New MBA/BFA Dual Degree Program

Jul 08, 2013 New five year program combines management with fine arts

IE and Brown University's New EMBA Program Launches in Spring 2011

Aug 20, 2010 Virtual info session scheduled for September 9

HHL Leipzig Announces European Career Track in MBA Program

Sep 01, 2010 Parnterships with Audencia Nantes and MIP Politecnico di Milano

Upcoming QS World MBA Tour Events in Frankfurt and Munich

Sep 29, 2010 Representatives from over 60 business schools expected

ESSEC Announces Full-Time Global MBA Program

Dec 07, 2010 New program will include study trips to emerging markets; begins September 2011

Bologna Alma Adds Three MBA Concentrations for 2011-2012

Feb 24, 2011 Green Energy, Food & Wine, and Global Industrial Enterprise begin this fall

Vlerick Leuven Gent to Launch EMBA in Moscow in October

May 12, 2011 With St. Petersburg program, Belgian school has two Russian executive programs

Utah Eccles Adds International Elective and Travel Option to Part-Time MBA

Jun 09, 2011 New course will include five weeks of discussion and a week of travel abroad

Wharton Moving its San Francisco EMBA to New Campus

Jun 30, 2011 New building opens in January and will accommodate more students and activities

Three MBA Tracks Now Available at Wake Forest's Charlotte Center

Oct 04, 2011 New options open to part-time, "Saturday MBA" participants beginning in January

SDA Bocconi to Offer Postgraduate Program in Business (PGPB) in Mumbai

Dec 20, 2011 First two-year program begins in July 2012

MIB to Host Open Day in Trieste on July 5

Jun 28, 2012 Afternoon event for prospective MBA students; includes presentation and sample lecture

University of Dayton to Launch New Cyber-Security Program

Jan 08, 2010 New courses help MBA students battle computer hackers

Rollins (Crummer) Launches "Key Executive MBA" Program

Feb 09, 2010 New program targeted at senior-level executives

George Fox to Offer Part-Time MBA Program in Downtown Portland

Feb 25, 2010 New location caters to working professionals

AMBA to Host Accredited MBA Fair in London on April 17

Mar 01, 2010 Around two dozen UK and European business schools to attend

Cal Poly Announces MBA Program in Santa Barbara

Jun 22, 2010 New, part-time program taught will take two years to complete

US News and World Report Updates Annual MBA Rankings for 2014

Mar 11, 2014 Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton tie for the top position

Alma Graduate School Offering New MBA Food and Wine Scholarships

Jul 11, 2014 Scholarships valued at €15,000 each

Peru's CENTRUM Catolica Launches Free MOOC Platform

Aug 13, 2014 New Spanish-language system can be used as a pathway to an MBA

University of Sydney Offering $60,000 MBA Scholarship for Emerging Leaders

Aug 21, 2014 Application period closes on September 22nd

HEC Paris Launches an MBA/MSc in International Finance

Sep 11, 2014 New dual-degree program to take 20 months to complete

Upcoming Forté Forum Events for Women Interested in MBA Programs

Aug 22, 2007 Tour of nine major US and UK cities in September and October

US News and World Report Publishes Annual MBA Rankings

Mar 12, 2013 Harvard and Stanford tie for top US Business School (Again)

UNC Belk Launches MBA Concentration in Energy

Jul 16, 2013 New concentration focuses on the power industry

EDHEC Adds MBA Track Focusing on Family Businesses

Aug 01, 2013 New track to launch this fall

Corporate Knights Magazine Ranks Sustainable MBA Programs in Canada

Sep 19, 2012 Schulich, Waterloo, and Concordia take the top three spots

UNC Charlotte to Launch MBA Concentration in Energy

Nov 19, 2012 Energy specialization to be open to both business and engineering students

ESADE Announces MBA and MSc Open Days

Dec 12, 2014 Take a campus tour and meet the ESADE team in 2015

Scholarships Available for EDHEC's Family Business Global Executive MBA Program

Jul 28, 2014 Ten €15k scholarships available for new EMBA program

Vlerick Business School Opens New Campus in Brussels

Aug 15, 2013 Campus to host an EMBA cohort as well as executive education programs

Columbia Business School Revamps Core MBA Curriculum

Aug 28, 2013 Changes include increased focus on innovation and big data

Duke Fuqua to Open China Campus, Launch New Master's in Management

Sep 18, 2013 Students in new program to study in the US and in China

Kansas' Emporia State University to Launch Online MBA Program

Sep 24, 2013 AACSB-accredited distance learning program to launch next spring

Elon Love Launches Joint MBA / JD Program

Oct 11, 2013 Dual-degree program can be completed in 4 years

HEC Paris to Add Big Data Courses to its MBA Specialization in Strategy

Oct 14, 2013 New Business Analytics classes offered through a partnership with IBM

American Kogod to Offer Morning Class Option for Professional MBA Program

Dec 24, 2013 Classes will meet one morning per week for 27 months

London Business School to Offer New MBA Scholarships for Women

Jan 21, 2014 Four £30k scholarships up for grabs

Seven Business Schools Receive AACSB Accreditation

Feb 04, 2014 Newly accredited schools are from six different countries

EQUIS Accredits Three New Business Schools

Feb 27, 2014 Newly-accredited schools include Oxford - Said and Purdue - Krannert

WUT Business School and CEU Business School Launch MBA Partnership

Apr 24, 2014 Students in WUT's IMBA program will mostly attend classes in Budapest

Exeter to Launch New Business MOOC

Aug 27, 2014 Eight-week business course will be free

IMD Establishes Research Center in Shanghai

Jun 11, 2007 Swiss business school seeks insights from "most important emerging market"; next stop: Mumbai, India

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) to Hold MBA Fair in Manchester (UK) on June 21

Jun 15, 2007 Manchester event to complement the Accredited MBA Fairs held in London twice a year

US MBA Programs with the Highest Average GMAT Scores

Scoring high on the GMAT is not easy — according to GMAC, only about ten percent of all test-takers score above 700. However, a high score signals to business schools that a candidate is well-rounded, and can solve complex problems under pressure.

Of course, the GMAT score is not the only factor by which business schools judge applications; work experience is also important, as is undergraduate performance and extra-curricular activities.

Here’s a list of the US-based MBA programs which report the highest average GMAT scores for their cohorts.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Sustainability / CSR / Social Entrepreneurship

An MBA can boost careers for managers working in sustainability roles, such as strategic functions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments of companies committed to improving their social/environmental footprint or stakeholder engagement. Specialized MBA curriculum in sustainability explores business ideas through different lenses: the “triple bottom line,” for example, gauges success based on not only a business' profit, but also how it effects the planet and humanity. MBA programs in social entrepreneurship help students create and manage businesses to create social change. Non-profits and social enterprises are often linked to sustainability objectives.

Top Business Schools for a Career in Technology or Information Technology (IT)

Careers in technology can take many forms, from an information technology manager at a consulting firm to a director of data management. An MBA can help students interested in this field understand the managerial and strategic implications of technology in business. And increasingly, online businesses like Amazon and Google are hiring MBAs in management positions. Students who want a better understanding the technology itself can pursue hybrid degree options like an MS/MBA.

Top Business Schools for Entrepreneurs

For future entrepreneurs or those who want to push new products or initiatives inside of companies, an MBA program can provide the basic fundamentals on how to do it. Some business schools also offer MBA programs that tailor curriculum specifically for new business formation as well as business plan competitions, so budding entrepreneurs can learn how to dial in their ideas and pursue venture capital and angel investment funding. Specialized centers can offer networking opportunities and even lab space where students can build their new startups.

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